Welcome To Hell

Welcome To Hell

To be honest, this isn’t even that bad compared to most guitar shops. I have a theory that it’s worse when it’s just one or two people playing badly, as opposed to having ten or more people playing badly. When there’s that many basement shredders in one room it all just turns into sludge. When there’s only two or three you can distinctly hear what they’re playing. And it’s Stairway to Heaven.

I’m rather surprised there hasn’t been a single news story about a guitar store clerk going crazy and attacking everyone in a five mile radius. They must be made of much sterner stuff than we mere mortals. Also, I think it would be helpful to implement a “Buy Something or GTFO” policy at every Guitar Center. At least buy a bag of picks or a cyanide capsule. You know, something you need.

6 thoughts on “Welcome To Hell

  1. Went to the LA NAMM Show last year, and if you can imagine every Guitar Center in one large room, and then triple it, you can kind of get the idea. Interestingly, the most offensive 5 acres of floor space was the “DJ” section. Interesting, not surprising. I was in two GC’s this week, and a real live mom-and-pop music store, where I purchased a bass guitar. After 45+ years of being the world’s most frustrated and worst guitarist, I decided to slowly fail at the bass, too. After all, it’s only got four strings…Did I mention I have the world’s most wonderful, understanding wife?

  2. There’s really no need for you to slowly fail at the bass. Like the rest of us bass players, you should be able to fail at it right away.

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