Bare Frame To Driver in 2 Days. Hell Yes

Bare Frame To Driver in 2 Days. Hell Yes

I knew I would love this car the moment I saw a bungie cord peeking out of the front grill in the opening scene. Duct tape is for amateurs and girls. Bungie cords are made entirely from testosterone and awesomeness.

You know you’re dealing with great mechanics because their garage is cleaner than your toaster oven, and their hands are cleaner than the fry cook’s at McDonald’s.

If you have an engineering-type mind, you understand that a 1960s-era car can’t compare in any way to the worst econo-box on today’s car lots. Any old Kia would beat a hot rod from back in the day, at least if turning the steering wheel is involved. New cars are safer, more fuel-efficient, and more comfortable. I. Don’t. Care.

New cars ain’t got no soul. They mince down the road, powered by a sewing machine motor, run by a Pentium chip and bad software. When these commendable gentlemen from Hot Rod Garage are finished, you’re riding in a proper machine. You step on a gas pedal that moves a throttle linkage that squirts all sorts of gasoline into four big holes in the top of the engine to make it go. No one’s asking an iPhone app for permission to move, first.

They shouldn’t make any more new cars. All the existing auto hulks in the world should be sent to these dudes, and armies of guys just like them, and then put out for sale in a lot in front of their garages. All the salesmen should have a pinkie ring, a plaid suit, and a tie wide enough to use as a tablecloth at lunchtime.

5 thoughts on “Bare Frame To Driver in 2 Days. Hell Yes

  1. Note to self – on my next hot rod rebuild, be sure to get Holley, Gearstar, QA1, Hooker, AVR, et al to “send over” all the needed stuff. Apparently I just forgot to ask. Of course I’ll need to strap a camera on the dog so Youtubers can watch the magic happen.

  2. I feel more manly already. Even though I spent all day putting the well pump back in the ground, this is more clean fun, and way more hoaoh than home maintenance.

  3. Yes it must be nice to just throw on ten thousand dollars worth of parts and go drive. And yes, I am jealous-!

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