I’m Moderately Confused

I’m Moderately Confused

Well, we like the video. Anybody who builds their own soap box derby racer without the soap box or the derby gets the BSBFB seal of approval. I could live without the Wiggles jumpsuits, but maybe their proper manly clothes are in the wash. They’re wearing motorcycle helmets for some reason. Maybe they own motorcycles. You never know.

No, none of that confused me. I just couldn’t figure out the title: “Homemade Racer with NO BRAKES! 50 MPH!.”

I mean, seriously, what’s that all about? Typing in all caps like a schoolgirl. Tossing out 50 MPH to impress us. You can run half that fast. And I clearly see brakes there. They’re not exactly hi-tech, but dragging your feet wrapped in tire treads is braking. Fred Flintstone does it barefoot. Man up, Nancy.

The video was fine, but next time, wear gym shorts and a tank top, no hat, and Keds high-tops. Make sure you crash right in front of the French chick next time, too. You know, accidentally on purpose. What’s the point of showing off without some sort of payoff? Sheesh. Kids these days. Gotta tell them everything.

2 thoughts on “I’m Moderately Confused

  1. Any Two-bit Schlub can throw together a site with vid links and hope for traffic but it’s Max’s commentary what makes this place the flea’s knees. Keep BBFB’n for us Max.

  2. Hi Smitty- Thanks for reading and commenting at the BSBFB. Also, thanks for noticing I’m at least a three-bit schlub.

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