Hey Tyler

Hey Tyler

We all know a “Hey Tyler” at work. Tyler’s a good guy, but he’s a little slow on the uptake. He’s eager to help, but his eagerness makes him help without thinking about what he’s doing first. Tyler’s honest, and like most honest people, he doesn’t spot dishonesty in others right away, even the prank brand of dishonesty.

So the old timer on the job giggles while he sends Tyler out to the truck to find the board stretcher, the hammer grease, or a gallon of spotted paint. Tyler dutifully does what’s asked of him, and then puts up with the derision that follows. This video has 2.3 million views, so Tyler’s gotten more than his share of derision, I’d say, just for trying to be helpful.

There’s always one thing to keep in mind about the Tylers of this world, old timers. Tyler can beat your ass. Old man strength is all well and good, but he goes to the gym, and you go home and sleep in the recliner. Put that in the back of your mind, the next time you Hey Tyler someone.

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