Unclear On The Concept

Unclear On The Concept


I can see by the look on their face that they’re Bosnian. It’s a very common problem they have. No, being Bosnian isn’t the issue here. I can see that they’re having some difficulties with their Frisbee. I too have struggled with Frisbee use, so I can understand their pain. I hope that they get the help they need.

It’s been so long since I was licensed to operate a Frisbee, that I too have forgotten hot to use it. Perhaps you fill it full of flaming gasoline and dump it into invading Soviet tanks? No wait — that’s not quite right.

Okay, bear with me here. I’m pretty sure you fill it full of diced potato and use it to plant next year’s harvest. Or perhaps you use it as a bedpan for any incontinent cows you have staying in the house. No, that’s not quite right either. Maybe use the Frisbee as some sort of bludgeon if you catch your neighbor, Boris, eying up your sister.

No matter what, don’t throw the Frisbee sideways. You could put someone’s eye out.

(A big thank you to Charles Schneider for floating this video downstream to our compound)

One thought on “Unclear On The Concept

  1. At the risk of being “that guy”…take your attention away from the mentally challenged Bosnian Frisbee chuckers and notice the women standing in the water in between the flobbing plastic cylinder.

    WTF is she doing? Is a bikini just as strange to her as the frisbee is to her fellow Bosnians? Did she think it would be waterproof and her…*ahem*…ladyparts wouldn’t get wet?

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