Girls, What Are They Good For?

Girls, What Are They Good For?

Good God, ya’ll.

Personally, photography isn’t really my forte. I can never get the lighting down, my hands are shaky, and I can never steal a good camera. Even a disposable camera would be acceptable at this point, but I can’t even steal one of those anymore. Tourists aren’t as easy to pick on as they used to be. Now they all use their phones as cameras,which never leave their line of sight. You try stealing something that’s glued to someone’s hands. It’s not easy.

As a general rule, you should always have a secondary camera other than your phone. You can make a lot more hocking a camera than a phone. A camera doesn’t have a microchip that transmits your position to Facebook, Russian gangsters, and the government every time you turn it on. I’m pretty sure 1984 was only a suggestion, so I’ll stick to my flip phone and pinched camera.

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