Race Car Takes Right Turn, Baffles Spectators

Race Car Takes Right Turn, Baffles Spectators

Cars intrigue me. Their shape, size, and power don’t really matter to me; I just think they’re interesting concepts. Horseless carriages. A single person can go anywhere with a paved road and enough gasoline. It’s freedom to travel, up to a point. You can go anywhere, anytime, as long as you have enough cash laying around to fill the tank. It’s getting harder and harder to find enough loose cash for that sort of thing. I can’t tell if I’m going broke or if gas is getting pricy.

Ford used to be the kings of going anywhere, anytime. I’m not sure what they’ve been up to other than their latest foray into racing. The last time I heard anyone talking about a Ford it was on British TV close to a decade ago. They seemed to like it — sort of.

One thought on “Race Car Takes Right Turn, Baffles Spectators

  1. saw one of these at a car show this last weekend.

    300,000 dollars for a car, and they hold the hood up with a stick, with the Ford logo mind you, but a stick, with those 4 for two dollars rubber chair feet stuck on the ends.

    I think I will go back to my British sports car.


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