A Strong Man, and a Snappy Dresser, Too

A Strong Man, and a Snappy Dresser, Too

Not only is this strong man strong, he’s strong in French. That’s a whole ‘nother level of strong. You’d know that if you ever rode a French subway. Anyway, I’m sort of on the fence about the stripper sandals and the leather diaper/culottes. I have in my time, however, broken many a wine bottle, so I love this guy’s act. Of course I break my booze bottles when they’re still half full when I reach for them for my eighth cocktail, but the idea isĀ  the same. In the same vein, I haven’t had four men stand on me while I lie on a bed of nails, but I did once sleep on a pull out couch with that metal bar in the middle, and my wife had her arm across my neck when I woke up. It’s pretty much the same thing. I’m looking forward to this guy’s next video, when he picks up a thrown newspaper without emitting a loud oof sound when he bends over. That’s a man’s man.

One thought on “A Strong Man, and a Snappy Dresser, Too

  1. Other than the saucy outfit, what’s this guy got, really? We’ve all cut cards and broken bottles, and I, for one, have had four men standing on my prone body, including one with his foot on my throat – but they were the ones with the fancy outfits…and shiny badges…

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