All Hail the Bullitt Car Chase Scene

All Hail the Bullitt Car Chase Scene

I think male human beings are required by both law and custom to watch the Bullitt car chase at least once in each calendar year, or risk revocation of their man card. Of course you don’t have to watch the whole movie. I can’t even remember what the movie’s about. For all I know, the guys in the Mopar jalopy are Jehovah’s Witnesses, trying to catch up to Bullitt to give him a pamphlet. Who cares? Steve McQueen has his tactical turtleneck on, and his fastback tuned up. Guy movies don’t need plots. They need shootouts and car chases and campfire scenes. This movie has all three, if you count the explosion at the end as a campfire.

4 thoughts on “All Hail the Bullitt Car Chase Scene

  1. And the best part is, McQueen drove that Mustang himself, no pansy stunt double for him!

  2. Nope, but I did notice that they passed the same green Volkswagen Beetle about 5 times before they got out of town.
    (And that Enco was still in business.)

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