Tenk Fort!

Tenk Fort!

If you’re not in the know, tenk fort means “think fast” in Norwegian. Each in their own way, I think everyone in the video manages to think fast. They all seemed to decide in an instant whether to catch or not catch the objects thrown to them. Doing nothing by design is a decision, isn’t it? And deciding to do nothing in a hurry is certainly one definition of tenk fort.

However, the BSBFB would like to encourage more people need to lighten up. When a nord starts throwing fruit at you, don’t scowl and slink away. Embrace those bananas with open arms. Think of all the times you needed a banana, and didn’t have one. I bet every person has had a banana crisis of some sort. Take all the emotions from that dark period and channel them into your new outlook on life. When life give you lemons, at least catch them. You may not want to make lemonade, but it’s always handy to have a projectile to hurl back at people who throw stuff at you.

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