I See He Managed To Get His Shirt Off

I See He Managed To Get His Shirt Off

[Warning: Some salty language]

Remember, nothing worthwhile has ever been accomplished if you’re fully clothed. When our forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence they must have been shirtless. They were flexing on crazy King George, and no one does that with their sweatshirt on. Little Known fact: Henry Ford used to walk the factory floor in nothing but his long johns. With the flap open. And  Edison would test every light bulb wearing only a wife-beater.

The Charge of the Light Brigade would have turned out much differently if they ditched the redcoats. They were fighting Russians, who are still the world authority on shirtless horseback assaults. The Nazis would probably have won WWII if Churchill didn’t attend Yalta in a banana hammock and a bowler hat.

Anyways, our friends in the video holding their own little plywood Olympics aren’t quite riding into the valley of death, but you’ll notice they did much better shirtless. Remember, never give up, never surrender. Until you do. But keep that shirt off!

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