We’re An Американка Band

We’re An Американка Band

Nothing beats full auto rock and roll. If the fans get rowdy you can fire a few warning shots to show that you mean business. You won’t need to hire any security, because no one will ever rush the stage. The venue owner will always pay up. No one will ever tell you to keep it down. It’s the only guitar suitable for robbing a liquor store after your gig. Groupies will be fewer and farther between, but they’ll have their hands in the air, that’s for sure.

I admit, a gold plated guitar is almost as bad as a double neck guitar, and this thing’s both. Either should be instant red flags and should be avoided by everyone other than twelve-year-old boys, and everyone that reads this site. But I also have to admit that full auto fretting is the shizzle.

Keep on rocking. The AK guitar is the perfect axe for your next Soviet Bloc party!

3 thoughts on “We’re An Американка Band

  1. NOT a NATO round, idiots. Soviets belonged to NATO? 39mm vs 51mm long, but what’s a few facts?

  2. Thank you for reading and commenting.

    You must forgive my ignorance, the nice man on the TV told me that the AK-47 could fire: flames, nerf bullets, running chainsaws, atomic weapons, rabid dogs, anthrax, tank shells, and heat seeking missiles. This is the last time I get my news from Katie Couric.

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