This Guy Gets It. Bring Back the Dashboard Choke!

This Guy Gets It. Bring Back the Dashboard Choke!

Real men of genius stuff right there. I’m not sure which aspect of it I like best. Of course the power plant that’s normally used to cut plants is sublime. The pull rope starter in the wheel well is inspired. The shower liner door panels are the shizzle. But then he goes and takes it up another notch by putting a real, live choke on the dashboard. American cars were much better when they had chrome on their fins and a choke on their dashboard. And ashtrays everywhere. You know, for your gum wrappers.

(Thanks to longtime reader and friend Johnny Glendale for sending that one along)

5 thoughts on “This Guy Gets It. Bring Back the Dashboard Choke!

  1. I dig the kill switch, for when he turns it over in the ditch. More drivers need that: the engine stops when you’re rolled. It’s so annoying with people running around trying to see if you’re okay and all. I forgot whether he had a lap belt in there or not.

    I speak as one whose rolled his lawn tractor into the ditch. When they go upside down, they don’t want to become helicopters. I mean, I wouldn’t mind flying a lawn tractor but upside down the controls are backwards. You could fly one, but I’d be flummoxed. Just dumb, I guess.

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