That Boy Ain’t Right

That Boy Ain’t Right

So he made a squirt gun that shoots molten metal. This is the Borderline Sociopathic Blog for Boys. He’s welcome here. He belongs here. But I’d be lying if I didn’t mention that my first reaction to this dude is, “That boy ain’t right.” Not that there’s anything wrong with not being right. Not being right would make a perfectly acceptable slogan for this blog. I imagine they said the same thing about Enrico Fermi or Butch Cassidy. But the resemblance stops there, I’m afraid.

You see, he calls himself “The Backyard Scientist.” Like many of his generation, he’s convinced that monkeying around in the garage is SCIENCE. Melting pewter is SCIENCE. He thinks putting ketchup on hot dogs with a squirt gun is SCIENCE. Ketchup on hot dogs is an abomination, but it ain’t science. I’ve eaten pizza at temperatures that melt pewter, but somehow he managed to make it sound sciency. Good for him.

So Kevin’s fine. He’s rockin’ the geek physique. He’s mastered the pegged at 11 smile and bug-eyed look that gets you your very own seat on any form of public transportation. He’ll make enough money on his YouTube channel to pay for his mom’s pewter pitcher. But if you don’t mind, we’ll leave science to the professionals. You know, defense contractors.

2 thoughts on “That Boy Ain’t Right

  1. Probably gets Fs in Science class. Will probably go on to get a defense contract worth millions. Wait! He’ll probably self-produce stuff, and make billions selling on Amazon.

    Rock on, Nerd Kid. You have my respect.

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