If a Finn Crashes in the Forest, Does It Make a Sound?

If a Finn Crashes in the Forest, Does It Make a Sound?

I love rally cars. They sound like a hive of angry bees making their way through the woods. They do the one thing NASCAR and Formula 1 cars avoid at all costs: Leave the ground. And drift. OK, two things.

There came a certain point in auto racing where making the cars faster was pointless. You can only go around a banked oval so fast before it got silly. There’s no point in making the cars different, so you make the track more difficult. Going faster on a rally car track looks like the edge of disaster at all times.

I love the Finnish vibe at the finish line. There’s a chaste, almost-hug from the two girls, and then some mumbling and foot scuffing from the winners. You know what they say about Finnish extroverts. They look at your shoes while they’re talking to you, instead of their own.

2 thoughts on “If a Finn Crashes in the Forest, Does It Make a Sound?

  1. Finns are cool as clams. Then, they get behind the wheel. Or, behind a Soviet T-34. You get the idea: don’t mess with the Finns.

    I had to put the video on fast forward to get to the girl hugging parts, but You Tube necked this one down to 1.5 instead of the usual 2X speed. Apparently, something happens at the atomic levels when you watch it at 2X speed. It was plenty hairy just at 1.5, I’ll tell you.

    I also wanted to know if they’ve made a Gumball Rally movie in Finnish, and I’m still not sure what it was but the Google results had dozens and dozens of consonants in the movie titles, anyway.

    Carry on.

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