Smells Like Teen Spirit. And Mom’s Potpourri

Smells Like Teen Spirit. And Mom’s Potpourri

Sometimes, you don’t get the hero you want. You get the hero you need. The world needs more recycled metal, apparently.

Check him out. He’s got a cape, so you know he’s a hero. A guitar hero, if you will. The rest of his outfit doesn’t really mesh, but hey, you can never go wrong with black socks and toddler shorts.

He’s more than just a sartorial savant. He’s got all the signs that point to: future guitar god. The birdlike arms. Flesh that’s never seen daylight. A Hamer guitar with two payments left on mom’s credit card. The backstory is important, too. He’s living the on edge. It’s the edge where the wall to wall carpet meets the vinyl tile in the basement of his parent’s split level ranch, but it’s still an edge.

[Thanks to Charles Schneider for sending that one along]

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