There’s a Pool Table in This Video. True Story

There’s a Pool Table in This Video. True Story

Am I getting old? Is my eyesight going? Are my standards slipping? I don’t think so. The ref is driving me mad. I’m smitten.

OK, so the game is somewhere past amazing. His four cushion shot in traffic is Chinese arithmetic, squared. I missed it, just like all the other shots, because the referee was standing in the frame.

She never smiles, and wears white gloves. That gives her a bit of a Babs Jansen vibe. That’s not a bad thing.  Of course Babs couldn’t beat you at arm wrestling, unlike the eight ball queen here. She’s like some kind of Nordic Sophia Loren. She also poses for van murals. That’s double hot.

The last couple of minutes of the video drag a bit. I wish that Chris Melling spoke English, so I knew what he was saying. There’s an outside possibility that he was telling the interviewer where the referee lives.

One thought on “There’s a Pool Table in This Video. True Story

  1. I believe Melling said that despite leaving himself “snewkererd”, four rails later he found his way to the ref’s bedroom.

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