Doctor, I Suffer From Very Uncomfortable Stools

Doctor, I Suffer From Very Uncomfortable Stools

Whoah. Welding in Russian.

I’m trying to picture what the settings on the MIG welder stand for in Cyrillic. First setting: 500 electrons per solder drop. Second setting: 1650 joules per non-ferrous ingot-pounds. Highest setting: Chernobyls per railcar.

At any rate, Evgeniy is my kind of YouTube videographer. He doesn’t talk, and he doesn’t add a death metal soundtrack. He just produces his stool sample without much grunting, and shows it to the world. He’s a doctor’s dream, that guy. He avoids any problem with a language barrier, too. No matter where you are, and what language you speak, Evgeniy says, “Nuts to you.”

2 thoughts on “Doctor, I Suffer From Very Uncomfortable Stools

  1. Not only is it badass welding in Russian, but he takes us to the scrap yard where no doubt all that USSR goodness is rusting away. Extra man-boy points awarded.

  2. Holey sit.

    When I cruised out of St Petersburg, Ru., I saw miles of scrap activities along the docks. You could say that Russia is ground zero for scrappage. Good to see it going into improvements.

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