You Got, Like, Three Feet of Air That Time

You Got, Like, Three Feet of Air That Time

Reader Smitty liked our motorcycle racing video from Monday. He thought road racing was fun and all, but suggested something with a little more air involved. Holy cow these dudes are flyin’, speed-wise and jump-wise.

Of course, it wouldn’t be motocross without engines that sound like 10,000 angry bees and 40 metal washers being shaken in a coffee can. Little-known fact: The racers don’t really wear helmets for safety. They only wear them to muffle the sound of the exhaust.

[Thanks to Smitty for sending that one along]

2 thoughts on “You Got, Like, Three Feet of Air That Time

  1. BTDT as a young’un (I was the youngest of four, so I figure my folks considered me expendable). Two cracked helmets, a broken tooth, a severed Achilles Tendon, and other misc. trauma convinced me to retire at 13. As for The Lad, I told him he can get a bike when he’s 30.

  2. Raced Motocross at Red Bud back in my 20’s…..Boy has that track changed. I miss it, but the cost became too much for the budget. The other side is how many other hobbies were ruined by not providing a similar adrenaline rush. Once you go around that first corner leading a pack of snarling machines with everyone riding on the razors edge……well, trail riding just doesn’t cut it anymore.

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