This Is The Most Maine Thing I’ve Seen All Day

This Is The Most Maine Thing I’ve Seen All Day

While moose are indigenous to many parts of North America, I can say with absolute certainty that this video was at least inspired by Maine. There seems to be some mysterious mountains in the background, and everything is a bit out of focus, so I can’t say for sure where this video was taken. However, the Maine trademarks are splattered all over this video like Jack the Ripper had a really bad day at the office and decided to have a relaxing night out on the town.

Let’s be honest here, the only way it could get any more Maine is if he was drinking a bottle of screaming-orange Moxie while driving a pickup truck through a potato field and eating a live lobster with his spare hand. Just look at it. You’re looking at it, aren’t you? Can you see it? The semi-plaid shorts, the lack of a shirt, the beer belly, the trucker tan. That’s Maine. None of this Downeast Maine business, this is what Maine looks like. Stocky men drinking light beer in their Dad’s rented pontoon. That’s the dictionary definition of Maine. Look it up, I dare you.

On closer inspection, they appear to be in Colorado — oh well.

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