Don’t Laugh — This Is How Hitler Started Out

Don’t Laugh — This Is How Hitler Started Out

You know, the Germans make good stuff. Great trains, tanks, ball bearings, pop songs; you know, stuff like that. They’re good at producing the highest quality of everything. There’s a reason why Vince from Sham Wow proudly announces that his borderline-functional shammys are made in Germany. Germany has a long and storied history of making good stuff — and invading France.

Aside from the occasional border faux pas, Germany has a lot going for it. They’re very clean. I heard their trains run on time. They have a lot of culinary gifts. They’re the only people in the world that can make bratwurst entirely out of horse testicles and crushed dreams.

(Many thanks to our good friend Charles Schneider for fording the icy Intertunnel to bring us this succulent video)

4 thoughts on “Don’t Laugh — This Is How Hitler Started Out

  1. I come here almost everyday hoping that BSBFB will have something tasty to add to the day’s crazy, but….but…oh, good lord – that was totally unusual.

    I’m surprised they haven’t been sued by McD, KFC and Pizza Hut.


  2. Ahem – well, yes that certainly is….unusual. Of course, being who I am, I immediately recognized that tractor as a Belarus 210 which were mass produced by two factories in the old USSR and used not only as tractors, but everyday drivers in the Caucuses….

  3. I’ve been trying to understand how this works and I think I have it. It’s the combination of Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken – the softer sounding Pizza Hut is directly contrasted with the harder sounding Kentucky Frien Chicken. Throw in a catchy melody and some up beat tempo, the rhyme hangs together and presto – the Burger Dance.

    Amazing – and yes, I obsessed about this the past few days.

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