Will It Shred?

Will It Shred?

Good evening, everyone. On tonight’s episode of Will It Shred, we’ll be shredding the hopes and dreams of every 11-year-old kid in America — or the only transportation that a 40-year-old with 3 DUIs can afford. That’s right, folks: when you’re banned from riding the bus because of your indecent exposure charges, you get a bike. Two wheels semi-inflated wheels, a seat that makes impalement look comfy, and a bell to annoy the neighbors, a bike is man’s best friend if all of your friends are dead or not returning your calls. On tonight’s show we’re throwing some bicycles into our shredder and seeing what happens. And now, a word from our sponsors.

Will It Shred is brought to you by the curative powers of Doc Sic Lee’s Asian herbal remedies. If you’re ailing, drink some of Doc Sic Lee’s spirit shakes to boost your universal karmic levels. Now made with real spirits! Doc Sic Lee uses ancient Chinese techniques to bottle the spirits of the damned to make authentic spirit shakes. Use it to cure headaches, earaches, stomachaches, deep existential torment, and demonic possession. Completely organic and mostly gluten free!

Warning: Doc Sic Lee’s Asian herbal remedies may cause headaches, earaches, stomachaches, madness, loss of consciousness in this dimension, death and similar conditions, mild chest pain, total organ failure, uncontrollable hysteria, accidental travel through time and space, diarrhea, mild suicide, and impotence. Consult your doctor before using Doc Sic Lee’s herbal remedies. Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing, over the age of 25, under the age of 25, breathing, human,  reptilian, or insectoid. All sales final. Contains dairy.

Welcome back to Will It Shred! If you’re a fan of BMX bikes, avert your eyes, because we’re about to turn them into useful scrap. Useful is a term that’s not often associated with BMX, so we’re making history here, folks. Remember to tune in next week; we’ll see if we can shred the bikers, too!

2 thoughts on “Will It Shred?

  1. See, what they’re missing there is a cross-cut function. My shredder cross-cuts every 1/4″ inch, which makes the pieces that much smaller. Then again, my shredder spits up staples, and chokes if there’s more than ten sheets of paper…

  2. Hi Charles, thanks for reading and commenting!

    I wish I had a shredder for my top secret documents. I have to eat everything that’s sent to me, because burning everything is just impractical.

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