When Nerf Guns Aren’t Cutting It Anymore

When Nerf Guns Aren’t Cutting It Anymore

I know a lot of the videos that I post come with the warning “please don’t try this at home”. This is one of the few time when you’re supposed to try this at home. They encourage it. Even I think it would be a cool afternoon project for any young Blog for Boys reader. This is the sort of thing that can get you kicked out of school if you bring it in for show and tell, which makes it an ideal exactly our cup of tea. I might even make one or two if I can be bothered. Of course, I’ll probably get frustrated and buy a Nerf gun like a normal person, but I definitely get a gold star for effort.

The video seems to be pretty comprehensive. He shows everything he needs to show without diddling around for too long. However, there is one step that I would advise everyone to avoid. Please don’t wear eye protection when you’re firing your fake, rubber-band-powered M4 at plastic cups. You won’t shoot your eye out, kid. You’ll get made fun of by everyone who sees you, and ridiculed by close friends and family.

There are very few instances when you’d actually need the eye protection. I can’t imagine that a ricochet from this would be about as powerful as a marshmallow. A plastic cup stops the projectiles dead from a distance of two feet. You would need to do some tricky shooting to get that thing into your eye. I’d be mildly impressed. On the other hand, I would also be very disappointed.¬† If your first inclination is to point the barrel at your eye and pull the trigger, maybe you didn’t need your eye that badly in the first place. Just¬† sayin.

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