Gotta Pay The Cat Tax

Gotta Pay The Cat Tax

Every once in a while, the Blog For Boys has to do something to keep up the appearance that we’re a reputable site that’s suitable for viewing by most humans. We must dispel any notion that we’re secretly trying to control your mind with subliminal messages embedded in the text. Be sure to drink your ovaltine. One of the best ways to keep things on the straight and narrow, is to pay a cat tax to the Intertunnel gods. We’ve sunk to the lowest common denominator to make sure that things run smoothly over here at the Blog for Boys headquarters. Here’s a video of a cat having a religious experience — probably because he drank his Ovaltine.

That’s enough talk about rich, chocolaty Ovaltine — let’s laugh at some cats. Even though Ovaltine is so delicious and gosh-darn good for you, we must tear ourselves away. Cats are funny little creatures. When they’re not lapping up a bowl of Ovaltine, they’re pooping in a funny little box. That’s pretty crazy, am I right? You can get a host of vitamins and minerals from drinking a single glass of Ovaltine per day. Litter boxes are alright, too. I got one for my house. I like to keep it next to my Ovaltine storeroom. Whenever I have guests over I like to watch them look for my non-existent cat after they spot the litter box.

Eventually they give up and I explain that the litter box isn’t for a cat — it’s for house guests.

[Author’s Note: Please send help, they won’t let me stop talking about the rich, chocolaty taste of Ovaltine. It’s the perfect way to start your day.]

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