Shocking Study Finds Correlation Between Semi-Clothed Women And Fun

Shocking Study Finds Correlation Between Semi-Clothed Women And Fun

(Warning: some vaguely naughty language and salacious clothing choices. It’s shocking. I’m shocked. This is my shocked face)

There seems to be rather a big hubbub surrounding this video, and I find the whole matter to be shocking, disgusting, asinine, mind-bogglingly stupid, and completely at odds with everything the BSBFB stands for. I’m referring of course to this article; the video itself is pure gold and should be saved on magnetic data tapes and stored in bomb-proof bunkers to make sure it’s available for the enjoyment of future generations.

After reading the title of the article my heart sank into the pit of my stomach, and by the time I reached the second paragraph it dropped out of my backside and into the Earth’s mantle. I was under the impression that we lived in a country where women could show more than a little ankle without inciting the wrath of the dangerously bored and self-righteous. I hate to bring this up, but in the USA, women can vote, drive cars, marry whoever they want, own and carry weapons, and wear clothing that wasn’t chosen for them by their grandmother and a TV preacher.  I guess that’s a little too much for the Daily Mail to handle because they seem to think it’s all very sexist. I don’t know what the current political climate of the UK is like, but their newspapers seem to be a little loopy. I’d love to see things from their point of view, but I don’t think I can get my head that far up my heinie without using the jaws of life to get out afterwards.

Out of all the benign, fun, and good-natured things to pick on, going after people for assisting models during their shoot is sickening. Apparently, pornography is to blame for men liking women in bikinis. I hate to break it to them, but I don’t think men need any help developing an affinity for partially clad women. After all, partially clad women are the second-best thing in the world.

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  1. ..and the best thing in the world would be? I am getting the vague impression that it would be… unclad women.

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