How To Catch Swedish Fish

How To Catch Swedish Fish

I’m actually quite relieved to finally see a new video from Sweden, I was under the impression that the entire country exploded, or sunk into the center of the Earth, or something.

I get worried when I don’t see at least one stupid video from a country for a week or so. A while ago there was a big viral-video drought in the United States, and I was sure the entire country was going to be flung into space if somebody didn’t get a million views on something stupid. The only thing that saved us was security footage of a rogue SUV careening into an enclosure full of rabid monkeys with full-blown AIDs at the San Diego Zoo. After that baby hit a million views we were back on track, and our existence was reaffirmed.

God help us all when Russia finally runs out of viral videos. That would be an event so massive it would affect the Earth’s gravitational pull, which would render us all significantly lighter, but it’s very hard to breath when you’ve been flung into deep space.

(Many thanks to our favorite Borderline Sociopath Leon for sending this along)

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