Bad Cop — No Succulent Chinese Meal For You

Bad Cop — No Succulent Chinese Meal For You

(Warning: Some vaguely Australian blithering)

Some legends are born, some are made from the fiery ashes of those who have fallen before them, and some are arrested for eating a succulent Chinese meal.

It’s hard being a champion among men; lesser individuals are always trying to uproot you from your high position. After a little bit of research I found out that our Australian friend here has angered a lot of lesser individuals to the point where he’s wanted by Interpol, the Hungarian National Police Force, and the Indonesian National Police for eating at fancy restaurants and not paying. But that makes no nevermind to our well-spoken friend.

Coincidentally, the Hungarian National Police Force is the name of my Wham tribute band, but that isn’t something anyone wanted to hear about in the first place.

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