I Was Built For Loving You — And Jenga

I Was Built For Loving You — And Jenga

The sign in the background says built for it; that sends quite a confusing message. Do they mean their machinery was built for Jenga? Building these machines for the sole purpose of playing oversized Jenga seems a bit silly. I mean, they’re really limiting their audience. The people at Cat® need to think big. Those machines can be used for much much more than just parlor tricks. What about off-road racing, or carpooling? You can sure fit a lot of people in the scoop of a front end loader. Why not roll up to the office in the style and luxury provided by your brand new Cat®?

I guess this ad can only appeal to a certain niche audience. The sort of people who play hopscotch with jump jets, and Battleship with real battleships. It’s not my place to judge, but I think they’re missing out. They’ll never know they joy of making pancakes with your single drum roller. The sweet wafting smell of diesel passing through your open cab as your cruise down the highway. Even something as simple as carrying your child to day care in an excavator bucket is lost on them.

Explore every possible use for your heavy machinery. The contraption with the mean looking spike could make a fair toothpick.

[Many thanks to Gerard at American Digest who was also built for it, among other thing]

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