Lewis And Clark — The Original Paintball Kings

Lewis And Clark — The Original Paintball Kings

Is this the coolest weapon ever? You tell me:

The Girandoni Windb├╝chse, or air rifle, can lay claim to the title of the first truly repeating rifle ever to be used by any military.(Austrian)

The rifle was 4 ft (1.2 m) long and weighed 10 lbs (4.5 kg), about the same basic size and weight as other muskets of the time. It fired a .46 caliber ball[2] at a velocity similar to that of a modern .45 ACP and it had a tubular, gravity-fed magazine with a capacity of 20 balls. This gravity operated design was such that the rifle had to be pointed upwards in order to drop each ball into the breech block. Unlike its contemporary, muzzle-loading muskets, which required the rifleman to stand up to reload with powder and ball, the shooter could reload a ball from the magazine by holding the rifle vertically while laying on his back and operating the ball delivery mechanism. The rifleman then could roll back into position to fire, allowing the rifleman to keep a “low profile”. Contemporary regulations of 1788 required that each rifleman, in addition to the rifle itself, be equipped with three compressed air reservoirs (two spare and one attached to the rifle), cleaning stick, hand pump, lead ladle, and 100 lead balls, 1 in the chamber, 21 in the magazine built into the rifle and the remaining 80 in four tin tubes. Equipment not carried attached to the rifle was held in a special leather knapsack. It was also necessary to keep the leather gaskets of the reservoir moist in order to maintain a good seal and prevent leakage.[3]

The air reservoir was in the club-shaped butt. With a full air reservoir, the Girandoni air rifle had the capacity to shoot 30 shots at useful pressure. These balls were effective to approximately 150 yards on a full load. The power declined as the air reservoir was emptied . (Wikipedia)

So Lewis and Clark could sound like they were cutting a fart and still kill you at 100 paces. Good to know. Of course Lewis and Clark are about as Borderline Sociopathic Boy as you can get to begin with, but add in these air rifles and they become as cool as Miles Davis’ bass player. 

(video via Garage Gunsmithing, recommended by David B. from Arizona)

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