2 thoughts on “Clarkson With A Mulletfro Drives The Oval Office

  1. Might be substantially more amusing, if not for the fact that, in the ’70s, the British “motor car industry” was already deep into the throes of deterioration.

    Their idea of “advanced-engineered motor transport” during that period seemed to bounce randomly between an overpriced, undercapable version of the Jeep-wannabe called a Land Rover, the latest reiteration of the finest in 1940’s technology that was Rolls Royce/Bentley and the continued destruction of that once-proud premium sport/touring vehicle line branded Jaguar (XJS, anyone?).

    Brits have no room to sneer at anything U.S. from the ’70s, much less the cars – and if that yob can’t drive any more competently than that video indicates, he should be walking (assuming he’s able to do that without swerving and bouncing on the ragged edge of control!).

  2. Yeah, what anonymous said. Plus, the guy has those british teeth. Pretty hard to take the snark from someone with those in their mouth.

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