Metal Squishing for Pros

Metal Squishing for Pros

We’re big fans of the Hydraulic Press Channel here at the BSBFB. We like hydraulics, and we’re always interested in science and mechanics of all sorts. And of course we just like crushing things for its own sake. Especially metal squishing. Anyone can squish soft stuff. But above all, we love, love, love the narrator’s accent.

One thought on “Metal Squishing for Pros

  1. “Uh, dat vasn’t coo we brok da veendow…”
    As someone who has a tenuous grasp on his first language, and only a passing ability to get a beverage and directions to the bathroom in Spanish, I admire anyone who multi-linguates. That said, I almost spit coffee on my monitor in admiration for this gentleman’s glottal dexterity.

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