Name One Kilt-Wearing Physicist — I’ll Wait

Name One Kilt-Wearing Physicist — I’ll Wait

An American director was filming a documentary in the Scottish Highlands when an old Scotch seer came walking up to the crew and said, “Tomorrow rain.” then hobbled off. Sure enough, it rained the very next day. A few days later he hobbled past again and said, “Tomorrow sunshine.” His prediction held true again and it was a beautiful sunny day. The director was very impressed with the old man and hired him to forecast the weather. Every day the wise old sage would hobble onto set and predict the weather accurately, but after a couple of weeks the old man didn’t show up. Concerned, the director went to the old man’s shack at the edge of a nearby glen and asked, “Hey, we need your predictions so we can plan our shoot today, why didn’t you come on set?”

“Radio broken.” the old man replied.

2 thoughts on “Name One Kilt-Wearing Physicist — I’ll Wait

  1. Here are 87 of them, since you asked
    John Adamson (physician)
    John Aitken (meteorologist)
    Alan Kelly (discographer)
    John F. Allen
    Adam Anderson (physicist)
    John Anderson (natural philosopher)
    Iain Baikie
    John Logie Baird
    Alexander Graham Bell
    Joseph Black
    Archibald Campbell, 1st Baron Blythswood
    John Allan Broun
    George Carse
    Charles Chree
    William Cochran (physicist)
    A. Catrina Coleman
    L. B. C. Cunningham
    Samuel Curran
    Christine Davies
    James Dewar
    Ronald Drever
    Alan James Duncan
    William Jolly Duncan
    Alfred Ewing
    James David Forbes
    John Samuel Forrest
    James Gimzewski
    Andrew Gordon (Benedictine)
    Andrew Gray (physicist)
    James Gray (mathematician)
    John Currie Gunn
    Thomas Charles Hope
    James Hough
    Robert Jack (physicist)
    John Kerr (physicist)
    Cargill Gilston Knott
    Johann von Lamont
    John Leslie (physicist)
    Malcolm Longair
    D. K. C. MacDonald
    Douglas M. C. MacEwan
    Alexander Macfarlane
    Gladys Mackenzie
    Magnus Maclean
    John Mallard
    James Clerk Maxwell
    Katherine Clerk Maxwell
    Gail McConnell
    John McCowan
    Thomas Melvill
    James Robert Milne
    Alexander Crichton Mitchell
    Arthur Crichton Mitchell
    Alexander Moffat (physicist)
    John Murray (physician)
    John Napier
    William Nicol (geologist)
    Sir Andrew Noble, 1st Baronet
    Norna Robertson
    Robert Traill Omond
    James Peck (civil servant)
    William Peddie
    John Playfair
    Andrew Plummer
    Heather Reid
    William Ritchie (physicist)
    John Robison (physicist)
    Marion Ross (physicist)
    Richard Sillitto
    Robert Silver
    Alex Smith (engineer)
    Kenneth Standley
    Balfour Stewart
    William Swan (physicist)
    Robert Symmer
    Peter Tait (physicist)
    Andrew D. Taylor
    David Thomson (physicist)
    Carol Trager-Cowan
    David Wallace (physicist)
    John James Waterston
    William Watson (Scottish physicist)
    Lancelot Law Whyte
    Erskine Douglas Williamson
    Charles Thomson Rees Wilson
    Alexander Wood (physicist)
    Klaas Wynne

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