Someone sneezed on the subway! I know, why don’t we chuck in this rat-race in the city and move to the sticks to grow our own food? How hard could it be, really? If we can write javascript add-ons for social media pages, we’re certainly smarter and more resourceful than some dopey farmer. All we need is an angel investor to buy us a small county in flyover country, purchase more rolling machinery than any European military currently fields, and most importantly, we need a website!

Let’s start with the website. It’s raining out.

4 thoughts on “Taters

  1. That’s easy! You try coming up with a new angle for a :30 TV promo when, after the 18th revision, the note comes back, “Needs more dramatic arc.” There’s a world I don’t miss…

  2. For those of us not on the farm, it is an informative video. Need a lot of capital to operate that farm.

  3. No. Bloomberg, parroting Stalin, said any idiot can farm. Damn your phony video making it look technical. I’m with Bloomberg.

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