We Shouldn’t Sit in the Stands Anymore

We Shouldn’t Sit in the Stands Anymore

We’re all currently busy not sitting in the stands. Everything sport-like is closed down. I heartily approve, but not as a temporary measure. They’re thinking of having the NFL play in empty stadiums so you can watch it on TV and sneeze at home. But your couch is just the stands. We should refuse to go back to the stands, period.

These fellows in the video aren’t watching racing. They’re racing. Hell, even quarantined kids racing on their gaming consoles are doing something, instead of just watching something. Everyone should build go karts if they can (it’s not that hard, I’ve done it), and race them. We should all play baseball with our neighbors again. Amateur sports shouldn’t pay. All the ringers should be sent home from college, to let students play against each other again. Drafting college kids to play professional sports should be banned. Let pros fend for themselves.

Let’s do things, not watch things. We did it before. We can do it again.

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