What’s His Superpower? Dadness

What’s His Superpower? Dadness

There has never been a superpower that trumps dadness. Guys shaped like dirigibles can leap over buildings in a single bound if their toddler is in danger on the other side. Dads can arrest gravity and stop time and catch left-handed. Dads can beat up regular guys no sweat. Only another dad is a worthy adversary. Of course the reason for this Dadness power is that dad knows he’ll never hear the end of it from his wife if he comes home with a busted kid.

3 thoughts on “What’s His Superpower? Dadness

  1. …and I don’t think any of us ever feel that we did a good enough job.
    All of our kids deserve better than they got…we just happened to be tasked with the duty, so you keep trying and hoping you get it right.

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