The International Fight With Slight Inclines Continues

The International Fight With Slight Inclines Continues

Historically, young men have always had problems with hills. I’m not sure exactly what the problem is. A slight incline just makes them antsy. They keep trying to hurl themselves down them for one reason or another, and people keep trying to make videos out of it. It doesn’t really matter if the hill is covered with snow or pavement or grass or whatever. We’re heading down it as fast as we can manage.

No need to reinvent the wheel with incline videos, either. Gather up the young men and insert them in a van to get them all riled up. Play some brostep, or dubwop, or whatever, because they’re into that sort of thing. Then loose them on the countryside. Every once in a while flash a couple frames that show they’ve at least met a girl, and then boom: a Dolomites longboard video.

Then shortly afterward a blog post is made by some loser guy at a desk.

One thought on “The International Fight With Slight Inclines Continues

  1. It isn’t unusual for people who make videos like this to use some pretty crappy music but this one tops them all. That was some of the shittiest noise I ever heard.

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