You Call That A Shovel? This Is A Shovel.

You Call That A Shovel? This Is A Shovel.

I want one. No, check that, I want three. I would empty my entire bank account to get my hands on one of these babies. Just think of all the yardwork you could get done. The weeds never stood a chance. The potato-chopping majesty of the combat shovel rules all. You can use it to trim your toenails, chop down a tree, or bludgeon your enemies. The Chinese army shovel puts the Swiss army knife to shame. And Chinese army uniforms are 17 percent less goofy than Swiss Guard unis.

Maybe it’s not the shovel itself that got me hooked. I’m sort of a sucker for infomercials, truth be told. I’d buy a snowcone in February if it had advertising with that John Wayne-ish soundtrack in the background. As long as operators are standing by, my wallet is in danger. Say, I wonder if this juliennes anything. I’d buy anything that juliennes stuff. I don’t even know what that means, but is sounds nifty, doesn’t it?

4 thoughts on “You Call That A Shovel? This Is A Shovel.

  1. I had seen this a long time ago, but had forgotten about them opening up the can of ham –URP!!

  2. Man, can you imagine if The Shoveler had one of those in his arsenal? No supervillain would stand a chance!

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