Hostile Workplace

Hostile Workplace

Can you imagine what it’s like working in a hostile workplace? Coworkers making cutting remarks, people looking at you funny just because you’re dressed for cosplay after work. You didn’t get promoted even though you’ve been working there for nearly four months. This one time, several people went out to lunch and didn’t invite you. One time, an unattractive person even had the nerve to ask you out on a date.

This guy in the video has it easy, comparatively. If the fellows on the ground make wisecracks, he probably can’t hear them because he’s 50 feet in the air and panting like an Olympic oarsman. And I bet he gets paid pretty well, even though he can’t even code a simple PHP app. Life’s not fair, I tell you.

One thought on “Hostile Workplace

  1. All kinds of nope going on there. Got the tummy-willies just watching…

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