Closing All the Circuses: The Dark Side

Closing All the Circuses: The Dark Side

What a shame. Once they closed down Ringling Brothers, and Beatty-Cole, The Big Apple, and that sketchy carnival from the strip mall with the consumptive lion with dental problems, there was nothing for these stalwart lads to do except ride public transportation and annoy pedestrians retail, instead of boring them wholesale in a tent, as God and man intended. And with this much free time on their hands, and no place to show off their unique “running faster than persons who aren’t running” abilities, they’re all sure to find themselves at the absolute rock bottom of male humanity: sporting man-buns. I say bring back the circuses, and close the free-range-vegan-artisinal-candy-hookah-latte bar. The weirdo quotient is the same, but at least the circus leaves town once in a while.

2 thoughts on “Closing All the Circuses: The Dark Side

  1. Hi Casey- These boys are gonna try this in America some day and they’ll be in for a beatdown.

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