In This Episode of Bad Ideas, Ten Robots Steal a Truck

In This Episode of Bad Ideas, Ten Robots Steal a Truck

Apparently no one at Boston Dynamics watches movies with robots in them. This will end badly. Any Tom, Dick, or Harry, or Dr. Smith could tell you that. The particular way it will end badly is unknown, it’s true. Look up Karl Popper to learn more about that. I don’t think Karl Popper even met a robot, but he’d be the first to tell you that bad things happen when you make robots. Then again, he said bad things happen when you make anything, or decline to make anything, so I’m not sure he’s all that useful for planning your robotapocalypse.

Anyway, your typical borderline sociopathic boy doesn’t care about any of that. We want robots, and we want them yesterday. It’s better if they look like Alicia Vikander, but we’ll settle for Iditarod also-rans, like the video. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go ask my mother for $400 for a pallet of C batteries. No reason, mom. Just planning ahead.

3 thoughts on “In This Episode of Bad Ideas, Ten Robots Steal a Truck

  1. It would be kind of cool if they looked like Iditarod sled dogs. At least then when the robots come to take us down, our last thought might be “Aw, look how cute!”

    Instead, it’s like a swarm of headless, wingless (so far) locusts. Creepy. It gives away way too much about what they’re really for.

  2. Hi Julie! I’m with you. Things that look powerful and walk around without the benefit of a functioning head look scary, period. You know, like Rob Gronkowski.
    Hi Aggie- That would have been a much better title. A winner is you!

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