Go Fast. Take Chances. Listen to Bad Music

Go Fast. Take Chances. Listen to Bad Music

Well, it’s a great compilaton of longboarding video they’ve cobbled together. At the 1:45 mark, they’re longboarding through flames, which is usually what everyone wishes would happen to skateboarders. Longboarders shouldn’t get lumped in with annoying sidewalk surfers, though. They’re a chill bunch, and don’t often overturn random baby strollers while missing on an ill-advised ollie outside the 7-11. They just hit a pebble while going 45 MPH and end up in a drainage ditch covered with road rash. If you roll up your windows as you pass the crash site, you can’t even hear them moaning, so what’s the harm?

3 thoughts on “Go Fast. Take Chances. Listen to Bad Music

  1. Re: The flame gag
    Would that be “rad,” “bitchin,” or “sick?”

    Re: The music
    It’s really not that bad if you turn it down…all the way down…

  2. No shoulders? Forget that; be like Patton or Guderian and leave those flanks to themselves.

    No hips? Big problem! How can you keep your pants up without hips?

    How’s that? Pants down is the style?

    Okay! let er rip! Hold my Monster and watch this!

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