The Cold War Might Be Over, But Rust Never Sleeps

The Cold War Might Be Over, But Rust Never Sleeps

Way back in the corner of the intertunnel. You know, on the shelf. Behind the other stuff. You need a flashlight, but it’s there. There are things on YouTube worth looking at.

Sure, you have to wade through Latvian talent show renditions of The Final Countdown played on ukulele, and Adele carpool karoake clips, but the stuff is there. There are interesting people doing commendable or mildly amusing things, or at least failing in the attempt in a charming way, while filming. There are people like Cold War Motors, making the world more exciting and less safe by putting 1960 Furys back on the road.

I’ve been blessed to have ridden in all sorts of vehicles, including old Plymouth Furys like this one, and even with all this water under the bridge, the questions remain the same. Can I get it to run? And if I can,  can I get it to stop?

7 thoughts on “The Cold War Might Be Over, But Rust Never Sleeps

  1. Hey cool, comments work now!

    Thanks to the magic of feed readers, I’ve been enjoying the reappearance of old posts. It’s good to see the Sullivans are still improving the internet, one post at a time.

  2. I never met a guy worth his salt that wouldn’t go down the road with the question “will it stop?” on his mind. Will it stop?? Of course it will stop but I think the question is “will I live through the stopping?”

    Greetings coast to coast!

  3. What a find! Great to see BSBFB open for business! Talk about leaving ’em wanting more! Hope all’s swell…

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