Sooner Or Later, The English Language Wins Out

Sooner Or Later, The English Language Wins Out

English is a funny language. It’s a polyglot thing. Words come and go, depending on how useful they are. English steals whatever it can’t make up on its own, too. With apologies to Moe Szyslak, we don’t call it a carhole. We stole the word garage from the French. Or the French surrendered it, I guess. Whatever.

English is a tough adversary. I’ve been telling people that the term, “That begs the question,” doesn’t beg the question. No one listens. Try putting an “s” on lego and they’ll come at you with knives on the internet. I know the little toy I fly in the back yard is not technically “a drone,” but that ship has sailed, to mix the metaphor. If everyone calls it that, that’s what it becomes.

So, back to the video. Sooner or later, we’re going to have to start calling motorcycles by their proper name: Unicycles. Either that, or ask this guy to take up another activity. One or the other.

And if you think that guy is a fluke, check out this dude on Instagram:

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