Spiderman Was a Fraud

Spiderman Was a Fraud

Spiderman? Please. The Monkey Man of Chitradurga Fort in southern India is the real deal. Radioactive spiders bite him, trying to get superpowers. He just scratches the bites, they have no effect.

Oh dear. “Jyothi Raj alias Kothi Raj performing at Chitradurga fall down to damage.” Hmm. Fall down to damage. That sounds bad. But wait, he fell off that wall, and he didn’t die, like, twice over? If I fell off Chitradurga Fort, I’d die, several spectators would die, and the fort would be condemned. This guy just lies on a stretcher with an extra knee in one leg and looks bored. A true borderline sociopathic boy.

2 thoughts on “Spiderman Was a Fraud

  1. Crazy guy! I preferred getting my “bonus knee” while racing road bikes. Of course the odds of Monkey Man walking with a limp from a shorter left leg are quite high given the fact “doc” is just calmly looking at X-rays rather than rushing MM into surgery to repair it. But then given the conditions it’s probably riskier to cut him open. Thank heavens for American Medicine.

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