There’s Another Star Trek?

There’s Another Star Trek?

Yesterday, someone told me there was another Star Trek. Seriously.

I don’t know where people get this stuff. Another Star Trek TV series. It’s absurd. Well, the first Star Trek series was pretty absurd, that was its charm, but I’m not talking about that. Another Star Trek. Pfffftttt. Like that could happen.

They must have gotten mixed up, and thought American Graffiti in Space, AKA Star Wars, was another Star Trek. Star Wars wasn’t even on TV, so I guess it wasn’t very important in the scheme of things. I didn’t see it, so I’m not exactly sure what’s in it. I heard it was a puppet show of some sort. I saw their Christmas special, so I assume Star Wars is a musical. It had Bea Arthur and Art Carney in it, so it wasn’t bad. The rest of the actors weren’t very good, truth be told. Mistaking a musical puppet show for Star Trek is pretty silly. Spock only plays the space lyre in, like, two episodes.

So, here’s to Star Trek. It was glorious fun. It was full of ham actors and leftover costumes and sets made by the low bidder. But let’s face facts. Star Trek got cancelled after a few season because nobody watched it. Why would they make another one?


One thought on “There’s Another Star Trek?

  1. Fun video.

    The wife and I were watching some movie on the internet, where the characters were making phone calls from corded land lines, and the operator had to do the switch board moves and everything. I can’t even fathom it. TV? That was a ways back, too.

    It makes me want to go around and count the stuff that we do the same as we did in the 60s. Never mind. LLAP.

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