You’re Not RC Live Steam Tank Cool

You’re Not RC Live Steam Tank Cool

You’re cool. No, honestly, trust me — you’re very cool.

You wouldn’t read the Blog for Boys if you weren’t cool. The BSBFB is an attenuator, not a generator, however. If you read the BSBFB, you get much, much cooler, it’s true. You might even become hella cool if you read enough. But you have to show up cool to get cooler. If you’re dreary, this place can’t help you.

One word of caution: When you’re sitting back in your throne room, kissing your miniature giraffe and drinking Cristal, surrounded by Slovene supermodels, wallowing in how cool you are, don’t make a fatal mistake. Don’t think you’re RC live steam tank cool. This guy’s playing in a league of his own.

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