Have A Very Unorganized Christmas Week

Have A Very Unorganized Christmas Week

Christmas is approaching like an old Buick going too fast down an ice-covered road. It rattles along like a freight train, and there will be hell to pay if you’re not prepared for it to rip off your wing mirror and send you careening into an embankment. If you’ve run out of ideas for Christmas presents, and you’re still a few presents short of an acceptable Christmas bundle, you should buy a copy of our Poorly Wrapped Christmas Album. It’s full of Christmasy goodness, even though Christmasy isn’t a real word. Believe me, it’s good stuff.

I’ve already exceeded my daily quota for saying Christmas-related words, so I’ll stop before I get into too much trouble. You can listen and purchase to our Poorly Wrapped Christmas Album on our Bandcamp page. We offer physical CDs and digital downloads. If you buy the CD, you also get the album as a free digital download.

Merry Christmas, and many thanks to everyone who’s already purchased the album.

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