Oh Dear. Pretty Girls. Someone Report Them

Oh Dear. Pretty Girls. Someone Report Them

[Update: Apparently someone did report them for being pretty or something and they yanked the video. We’ll keep posting duplicates as necessary]

There seems to be some sort of controversy surrounding this video. Almost a million people have viewed it so far, and I imagine the counter will continue to spin like Carrie Nation in her grave. Almost as many people dislike the video as like it, according to the little counter. I guarantee one hundred and thirty percent of the dislikes are from girls.

Only girls dislike girls. Guys like girls just fine. They especially like the pretty, pleasant kind, but if it’s closing time and Miss America ain’t showing up, they’ve been known to skip on down the checklist. Men don’t have the sense God gave them, but they’ve got sense enough not to dislike girls.

These girls are never really a problem for other girls unless you’re the type who goes looking for problems with a Palomar telescope. The girls were once a problem for their dads, it’s true, but dear old dad wrote a big, fat check to the University of Alabama to make them into a problem for their future boyfriends instead. Then these lovely larvae will morph like a butterfly into a big, honking problem for the dumb sap who marries them. Then they’ll become an enormous problem for the return clerk at the Zappos website. But a problem for other girls? Not likely. Lighten up.

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