I’ll Build Her Some Pasta Or Something

I’ll Build Her Some Pasta Or Something

Cooking is more than just pressing buttons on your microwave and allowing the gods of ready-made-meals to make all of your problems disappear, cooking is an art form. It takes hours, maybe even minutes, of hard work and dedication to cook a succulent meal. Entire relationships can be made or broken by your ability to cook.

You can even save your own life someday by knowing how to cook. All that dry pasta in your pantry can be used for a lot more than pasta art. Someday, you might have to boil that pasta. After that, you might even have to eat it. I don’t know if you’ll be ready for that if you forget about the importance of cooking.

However, there is one thing that I’ll never forget: I totally suck at cooking.

Yeah, I totally suck.

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