Well I See He Managed To Get His Shirt Off Vol.2

Well I See He Managed To Get His Shirt Off Vol.2

Ah, the sweet smell of agriculture in the morning. It’s a little known fact that hard rocking and farming have gone hand in hand for centuries. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “But Charlie, hard rock is so cool and farming is so lame. AC/DC and tractors don’t mix, and they never have.” Well that’s where you’re wrong.

Every piece of rock music can be played by a group of farmers with three teeth between them without making any alterations whatsoever to the music. Now why do you think that is? I have an answer that a lot of you may not very much care for. Rock music is just loud country music, and country music is just a polka. Thunderstruck is a polka. Are you catching what I’m flinging? Big brass tubas, accordions, and tiny trumpets; that type of polka.

Here are some other well known polkas:
Stairway To Heaven — polka
Smoke On The Water — polka
Back In Black — polka
Dream On — polka
Enter Sandman — polka
Sweet Child Of Mine — polka
Layla — polka
Crazy Train — polka
YYZ — polka
Hotel California — polka

Sultans Of Swing — polka

The list goes on, but you guys get the idea: if it can be played on a zither it’s probably a polka — Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

[A big thank you to Sam from Oregon for sending this along]

3 thoughts on “Well I See He Managed To Get His Shirt Off Vol.2

  1. Sooo…what you’re saying, here, is that all rock’n ‘n rollin’, from “Rock Around The Clock”, thru The Beach Boys and The Carpenters and Beatlemania, all the way up thru Chicago, Alice Cooper, Sting, Abba, U-2…the whole schmear – is just old-timey German/Dutch oompah-band music, with a li’l less brassy stuff and a li’l more stringly stuff, some nominal words and sometimes a different tempo, maybe somewhat of a subtle shift in rhythm emphasis?…

    Seems plausible enough, I s’pose.

    J.S. Bridges

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